Front-End Dynamic Route Map


  • Super-Fast loading of all Airline Data – Travellers using the Dynamic Route Map do not need to wait for data to be loaded. Microsoft’s Silverlight 3.0 is very, very fast. The Map Tiles and routes are loaded instantly.
  • ZOOM – Users can zoom in and out of the map over a particular country, using many intuitive and familiar methods (similar to using Microsoft’s Virtual Earth), such as the Mouse Scroll Wheel, Double Click or using the control buttons in the top left corner of the Map. The map is easily reset to it’s original position by clicking on the centre of the navigation wheel.
  • PANNING the world – Users can move around the Map, again with the familiar interface of a Microsoft Virtual Earth like experience, using “Click-and-Drag” or the control navigation wheel in the top left corner of the map.
  • Route lines are visible while Panning and Zooming, making it easier to find destinations
  • Destination Countries are clearly visible using Airline Branded colour coding.
  • Airline Hubs are clearly marked using square markers, while destination airports are differentiated with circle markers. These markers pulsate when selected for further enhanced usability.
  • Bookable Destinations – When a user clicks on a destination airport, an interactive “Bubble” appears, allowing the user to choose;
    • Return or One-Way Flight
    • Departure and Return Dates
    • Fare Type
    • No. of Adults, Children and Infants
    • Make a Booking – links directly to the Airlines Booking engine page
    • The Destination “Bubble” allows users to select routes out from this destination.
  • Connection Flights are clearly indentified, and route line animation shows flights from connection airports.
  • Legend in the footer of the map clearly informs travellers of multiple flight types. The user can click on an item in the legend to filter on these flight types only, e.g. Multiple Airlines or Seasonal Routes etc.
  • Simple integration with existing website

Additional Optional Add-ons


  • When Travellers ZOOM into a particular destination city, the Dynamic Route Map can switch to Virtual Earth™ Aerial Satellite or Road View.
  • The Dynamic Route Map can show partner car hire or hotel locations, and provide dynamic directions using the Virtual Earth API.

Administration Features & Benefits


  • Secure Administration Login
  • No need for any backend system integration – service is offered via Microsoft Windows Azure™ Platform (Cloud). This provides our customers with global scalability and performance.
  • Create unlimited number of Airports :-
  • Define Airport Name
  • Define IATA & ICAO Codes
  • Define Latitude and Longitude Position of Airport
  • Define Altitude of Airport
  • Provide an extended “Hover Over” airport name
  • Flag as a HUB airport
  • Exclude airport at particular ZOOM levels
  • Position Airport name manually to avoid overlaps
  • Create unlimited number of Routes :-
  • provides a route curve generating algorithm so that it produces a default curve in relation to other routes, and attempts to avoid overlaps.
  • Route lines can be quickly and easily manipulated using Microsoft Silverlight™ map component to move and shape the curve without any technical or design experience.
  • Create Connecting Route – The Dynamic Route Map enables administrators to create routes that are made up of any number of Connecting Flights. Using an easy-to-use interface, administrators can create connecting flights, with multiple Airlines if required. This allows Airlines to test samples of connection airports for a competitive advantage in new markets.
  • Create your own Legend – This feature allows administrators to define colour coded route lines to define, for example :
  • Different Airlines
  • Seasonal Routes
  • And many more
  • Create Multiple Map Types – for example maps focused on particular regions, UK, Europe, USA or Asia only. Using the Settings section of the Administration tool, all the map settings are completely customisable, from map size to colour styles. This facilitates the use of your Dynamic Route Map on external Affiliate websites.
  • Version Control – Every Published Route Map is managed with complete Version Control and Roll-back facility

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