About the Map


Many Airline websites today utilise either Flash or a graphical Image to display the Origins and Destinations that they fly into and out of. The Dynamic Route Map enables Airlines to display their entire route network and hubs, and allows airports to display all destinations served by direct and connecting flights. The Airline can also show a legend of Partner Airlines or Seasonal Routes for each Airport/Destination. Travellers using an Airline website wish to see visually where they can fly to, from their home airport and make an informed decision on the destinations available to them.

The power of the Dynamic Route map is that it can drive impulsive bookings. Travellers browsing the Airlines’ website and using the Dynamic Route Map, can be reminded of a destination that they may have always wanted to visit. The Dynamic Route Map is also a fantastic planning tool. Travellers can plan a trip around Europe or the United States by using the Map.

However, many Airlines are not taking full advantage of this powerful interactive method of providing information to customers and ultimately making to easier for travellers to make a booking. Many of the online destination maps perform slowly or they are not end-user friendly.

A Dynamic Route map from DynamicRouteMap.com enables greater flexibility and faster  performance with highly intuitive features. By utilising the latest advanced technologies from Microsoft Silverlight 3.0, Windows Azure (Secure and Scalable Cloud Platform) DynamicRouteMaps.com is leading the way in super fast, super easy to use Route Maps for the Airline Industry’s websites.

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